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…where our motto is “Love the book. Tolerate the movie.” because we hate when movies ruin our favorite books too! The blog gives the how and why the book is ALWAYS better than the movie no matter if the book is based on true events, one of the New York Times bestsellers, a classic children’s book, this beloved YA novel, or that book you read in high school.

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Chat with us about our favorite quotes from the book and themes (like Love and Morality) permeating the book and movie in the:

In Features, we explore our creative side on various bookish and pop culture topics. We dissected Harry Potter, DIY’d bookish Halloween costumes, took a BuzzFeed Quiz or two, analyzed Jane Eyre from “A” to “Z”, and SO MUCH MORE!

PLUS! Be in the know of bookish holidays, author birthdays, upcoming movie adaptations, and new books for your TBR List with Literary News!

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