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Guess what y’all?! It’s that time of year when we get to let our imaginations go wild when putting together our Halloween costumes for all those parties and contests. If you’re currently brain farting on what to wear to let all the trick-or-treaters and party goers know you are the truest book nerd, then we are here to offer a few ideas of the book characters you can be with the clothes sitting in your closet right now!

We have six costume ideas for bibliophiles who want to celebrate their book love on All Hallows’ Eve. Of course, this is definitely not an all-inclusive list, but hopefully it gives you some inspiration to create a stand out and affordable costume that will awe and delight!


Madeline Costume

This costume idea is for the girl who wants to be Parisian for the night. Do you have a blue dress and a pair of white tights and Mary Janes? All you need to add is a cute little yellow beret and a red tie to complete your Catholic boarding school attire. Be outgoing! Be brave! Be Madeline!

Mary Poppins

You transforming into everyone’s favorite nanny is just a few articles of clothing and accessories away. Long black skirt? Check! White Collared Shirt? Check! Red Bow? Check! Just add your black hat, umbrella, and handy carpet bag. With a little thrift store and closet shopping, you’ll be supercalifragilisticexpialidocious in no time!

Mary Poppins Costume


If you have a pair of overalls and a t-shirt, then you are half way finished! You can even make this costume work with a plaid shirt and a pair of cuffed jeans. Just grab a pair of your most worn sneakers and your stuffed Wilbur, and you’re ready to collect the prize for your TERRIFIC pig!

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Mrs. Frizzle

This right here will definitely have you winning contests or at least being the hit of the party because who doesn’t love Mrs. Frizzle?! This costume is perfect for people who LOVE arts and crafts time if you decide to add themed decor to your dress like Hannah at The Outfit Repeater. Already have a themed dress? Wow, you are way ahead of the game! Just add some sensible shoes, Liz, and your school bus. Now, you are ready to take your class on a learning adventure!

Nancy Drew

Who wouldn’t want to dress up as America’s favorite teenage sleuth?! This is another costume that could be pretty easy to pull together with your current wardrobe. All you need is a plaid skirt, a crisp blouse, and a cardigan. Pair them with some loafers or oxfords. Grab your flashlight and magnifying glass because you have a mystery to solve!

Nancy Drew Costume

Any Harry Potter Character

When it comes to becoming a character from the Harry Potter series, the possibilities are ENDLESS!!! If you want to keep it simple, grab a black cloak, wandstuffed owl, and glasses and become Harry Potter, himself. Get a girl’s school uniform with some Gryffindor gear and you’ll be the spitting image of Hermione Granger!

Your Turn

So…do you have any other easy DIY Halloween costume ideas? Let us know in the comments! |RL

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