Do you have a go-to place when you’re ready to do some serious reading? I live in a tiny 1-bedroom apartment with my boyfriend and our cat, so my short answer is “nope”! Most of the time I start on the sofa, then I move to the bed when I need more space to spread out and something more comfortable. One day, hopefully before I’m old and gray, I want to have a space that is all my own to read to my heart’s content. In preparation of such a day, I am designing my ultimate reading nook! Here are the 10 things I want (in no particular order):

Large Bay Windows

Can you just imagine lying on a bench encased in bay windows letting in all that beautiful bright natural light?! No blinds necessary, just sheer curtains that can be pulled back or left hanging depending on how much sunlight I desire. Even a rainy day would provide the perfect ambiance. What would be more relaxing than listening to the rain while I am nose deep in a giant book? When I want to pause and ponder something I just read, I stare outside. So moody…I love it!


If you know me, then you know that my dream is to have my own library that is covered with books from the floor to the ceiling. That seems a little too excessive for a reading nook. Instead I’ll just get something to house some of the hardback books on my reading list.

Soft Lighting

Large windows are great for daytime reading, but what’s a girl to do when it gets late, and I’m deep in a marathon reading session? That’s when soft lighting comes into play. I am thinking a dimmer, so I can get the perfect light that will get me relaxed, but hopefully not relaxed enough to fall asleep.

Multiple Seating

Since the sofa is a piece of crap…my 2 options are more like 1½ options. The first thing I’m bringing is a chaise lounge so I can stretch out on something both comfortable and stylish. Next is an area on the floor full of pillows where I can sprawl out for some stomach reading when I’m feeling too lazy to hold the book. Of course, I need to round it out with a desk and sturdy but comfy chair to use when I need to take notes while reading.

Soft Lighting + a Mini Fridge + a Bookshelf (duh) are essentials for my dream #reading nook! Click To Tweet

Office Supplies

Can I share a secret with y’all? I love shopping for pretty office supplies. TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and World Market can be dangerous places when it comes to that…so many cute notebooks, pens, journals, notecards, desk decor, and more! And have you been able to walk out of Barnes and Noble without buying a new bookmark that you most likely don’t even need?! I haven’t! I definitely “need” all these things for my nook.


You may ask yourself, “Why would you purposely burn candles around all those books? That is definitely a fire risk” Yes, you are probably right about the fire risk, but I like when the room smells like vanilla, and candles enhance the ambiance created by the lighting and sound system.

Chest of Drawers

Every book can’t be a hardback, you know, so where will I keep the paperbacks? Hardback books look great on the bookshelf (le chic!), but paperbacks on the bookshelf doesn’t satisfy my design aesthetic. Instead I would store them in drawers with the spines showing for easy access and categorizing (one of my favorite things to do!).

Wall Art

I have a vanity where I luxuriate in general girliness (makeup, jewelry, fragrance). The wall above it is filled with glittery artwork that inspires my inner fashionista while I’m applying a smoky eye, a red lip, or a little Flowerbomb. I want the artwork hanging in my nook to help bring the fantastical worlds I’m reading into my reality because your surroundings should serve as your muse.

Bluetooth Speakers

Maybe it’s due to years of city living, growing up on a military base, or residing near an airport, but I need some noise in the background…even when I’m reading. That means ambient music so I don’t feel like I’m in the middle of outer space. I’ve never had anything from Bose, but I hear their stuff is AMAZING (and quite pricey)! But in my dream reading nook, price is no option.

Mini Fridge

Could there be anything worse than having to take a break in the middle of an amazing sentence, paragraph, or chapter because your stomach won’t stop rumbling or your mouth is bone dry? Of course there could always be something worse…I’m being hyperbolic people! But stay with me here. Wouldn’t it be super cool to only have to walk a few feet instead of having to go downstairs or down the hallway or on the other side of the house just to get a snack or drink. All that effort cuts down on reading time, and a mini fridge would definitely solve that issue.

Your Turn

So…what do you think of my reading nook design? What would you include in your dream reading nook? Let us know in the comments! |RL

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