Are you getting into the shopping spirit, but you don’t know what to get the person in your life who is all about books? Check out our list of the best bookish gifts for your favorite book nerd when you don’t want to buy them just another book.

For the Book-Loving Caffeine Addict

If your book nerd enjoys green tea or black coffee while nose-deep in their favorite book, then give them this mug that celebrates some of the best openers in the literary world. It can even double as inspiration for their next read.

Bookish Literature Mug

For the Aspiring Novelist

Does your book nerd want to become the next J.K. Rowling? Get them the quintessential workbook to brainstorm ideas and keep writer’s block at bay for the novel that is going to take over the world and launch them into literary stardom.

For the Bookish Fashionista

If your book nerd likes to wear their love for books, then why not get them this handbag that is literally a book! Help them stand out in the crowd and make a statement. It will probably become their favorite accessory.

Book Cover Handbook

For the Amateur Librarian

Is your book nerd reluctant to lend you a book from their massive library? Put them at ease with this personal library kit that lets them keep track of the people who currently have their books and ensure they never lose track of those books again.

Library Kit

For the On-the-Go Techie

Are physical books AND e-books the perfect bookish gifts for your book loving nerd? Give them the Mini Lumio, so they can read their favorite paperbacks any time and place while simultaneously charging their devices.

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For the Bookish Interior Decorator

If your book nerd enjoys incorporating their love of books around the house, then gift them this cool clock that will let them know they are late meeting you for dinner because they are engrossed in yet another book.

Black Bookish Clock

For the Bookish Traveler

Does your book nerd love traveling as much as they love books? Then get them this 2-in-1 bookish gift that maps the literary world. It’s a visual stunner and gives them ample inspiration for building their reading list and filling their passport.

Book Map

For the Kitchen Magician

Is your book nerd a culinary master? Then demand a dozen of your favorite cookies after you hook them up with this awesome cookie cutter set of literary favorites. Well, it’s probably not a good idea to make demands. Maybe giving the sad puppy eyes will make them bend to your will.

Bookish Cookie Cutter Set

For the Future Book Critic

This gift is for the bibliophile who is the life of the book club party because they offer such amazing insight that you are not even sure if y’all read the same book. Give them this reading journal for book lovers and tell them to call us because we are looking for writers to help review all these books.

For the Neat Freak

This books desk caddy is perfect gift for the book nerd who likes keeping a tidy desk with all their office supplies in one place. Now, they will never lose their favorite pens or bookmarks again thanks to this awesome gift from you.

Your Turn

So…which of these bookish gifts will make your book nerd with delight? Let us know in the comments! |RL

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