Debt Free or Die Trying Book Cover

Title: Debt Free or Die Trying
Author: Marcus Garrett
Publisher: Marcus Garrett
Publication Date: 2016
Summary: The story of how and why I lived check-to-check and often paid credit cards with other credit cards. If the lifestyle I’ve described sounds like how you’re living now, have lived in the past or want to avoid living in the future this book will help you or that friend you know that is living the lifestyle of the fast and the financially frivolous relate to my story and develop a sustainable plan based on proven tools of success that allowed me to become debt free.

A Novice Perspective

I have to admit that I have never read any book from a financial guru, so my naivety may shine through while discussing the book. However, I think this book is great for people like me who are new to reading finance books. I don’t want to be hit over the head with finance jargon that is way over my head or lectured to death on what I need to do with my money because that is what worked for the author, which seems to be the tactics of other personal finance books.

Short and Sweet

One of the best things about Debt Free or Die Trying is the book is less than 100 pages, so you can easily finish it within a day, which was my method of attack. If you’re a fast reader, you could probably even read it multiple times in a day just to make sure the wealth of information filled in this book really sinks into your brain. This book is definitely in the re-read category for me and will be a valuable resource as I continue my journey toward being free from credit card and student loan debt and one day living the good financial-freedom life.

Teach Don’t Preach

Another great aspect of the book is Marcus writes like he is talking to a friend. He doesn’t talk down to the reader or make them feel bad or stupid for getting themselves into the debt life. Telling his own story of getting into debt helped me see the similarities in my life that contributed to me being buried in debt. I felt less alone about my financial situation. Even the plan presented towards the end of the book is loaded with options for the reader based on the amount of disposable income they’re putting toward debt. Marcus lets you know different payment options and the options he used during his debt-free journey, but he leaves the final decision for you to make based on your situation.

Overall Opinion

Debt Free or Die Trying is a good reference for someone who is new to the game of buckling down and paying off those credit cards and loans. You will immediately learn how easy it is to get into debt, but you will also learn how it’s possible to dig your way out with a plan and the dedication to reaching financial freedom.

The Final Grade

Page Turner: Not only is Debt Free or Die Trying entertaining, but it has useful nuggets of information that can benefit the reader no matter their age or debt level.

Your Turn

So…how many personal finance books have you read? What’s the best financial advice you’ve received? Is this the year you’ll finally get out of debt? Let us know in the comments! |RL

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