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I am a huge fan of podcasts! I learn so much interesting and useful information, and I am always entertained. During the past year, I have made the effort to listen to more podcasts with black hosts. It’s often assumed that the majority of podcasters are white, but there are lots of people of color who are producing amazing content. Today, I’m sharing some of the black podcasters I love and you will love too once you give them a listen.

Another Round

Another Round is a new show for me, and I’ve been loving it since the first listen. Heben and Tracy have such great chemistry, and I really missed that while Heben was away. Now the dynamic duo is back, and they are better than ever! One day, I hope to be famous enough to be a guest on the show. Tracy and Heben bring me black girl magic in every episode, and I want to be in on the action.

Black Astronauts Podcast Network

The Black Astronauts Podcast Network is another recent find thanks to TBGWT. I’m not sure if Rod or Karen mentioned the show or if the BAP crew were guests on the show. At this point it doesn’t matter because I have found another show that gives me more blackness with a dash of nerdery with R.U.N.E. and black girl magic with Houston We Have a Problem. They are even the official go-to show for the Westworld recap.

The Black Guy Who Tips

Rod and Karen are the G.O.A.T. in the land of black podcasters! They have been podcasting for years and have put on for so many others. In fact, I found a lot of the shows on this list through The Black Guy Who Tips. Rod and Karen host the show 5 days a week with one show dedicated to feedback from the listeners. Their motto is “Nothing’s wrong if it’s funny”, and this show takes funny to a whole new level. If you like The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones, their recaps are so good that you will know what’s going on even if you don’t watch the shows.

Eye for An I

In full disclosure, the man behind Eye for An I is my beau, and the podcast has a monthly segment called In Transition where he and I discuss the movie adaptation for one of my book reviews. This podcast is perfect for the movie buff who analyzes every detail of the cinema. No movie is off limits, and Mr. J is always open for suggestions and differing opinions. This show is great if you’re low on time and want a short burst of entertainment because most shows are less than 30 minutes. See if your movie grade is on par with Mr. J’s score!

The Insanity Check

I’ve only started listening to The Insanity Check in the latter part of 2016, but this is definitely a show that is always a great listen. Kriss always has the best guests, and I love that he started using the Black Women Shoutout segment to promote businesses owned by black women. The only silver lining to the 2016 presidential election is The Insanity Check will be around for at least the next four years to help us keep our sanity.

The Interracial Jawn

I immediately subscribed to the Interracial Jawn after Drew and Leslie appeared on TBGWT, and I have been a part of the Faithful Fourteen ever since. Leslie is the activist working for black liberation, and Drew is the very woke Very White Guy who loves her down. Whether they’re talking dope black girls, grading apologies, discussing TV and movies, or letting us be a part of their day to day adventures, I love this jawn!

Paychecks and Balances

Before the P&B podcast, Rich and Marcus hosted Two Guys One Show, which is when I started listening to them. On TGOS, the guys talked about life, culture, money, and business. Their discussions on work, money, and business were so helpful and informative that it spun off into Paychecks and Balances. This podcast is geared toward millennials looking to get their money, work, and life balance in order so they can live their most fulfilling lives. However, the show is really helpful no matter your generational status. They also have a great weekly newsletter that provides articles and additional info to help you get your life right.

The Read

The Read is another one of my newer listens from 2016, but it has become a top favorite. Sometimes I save a few episodes because it feels like one at a time is never enough. Crissle and Kid Fury bring the funny, the shade, and the tea every time, no matter the topic. Come for the listener letters and ALWAYS, ALWAYS stay for the read.

TWiB Prime

I’ve been listening to TWiB Prime for so long that I remember when it was called Blacking It Up and world-renowned poet Bassey Ikpi was one of the co-hosts. I love this podcast because it brings me the news of the day from a black perspective. Even as co-hosts have come and gone, the strength of the show has remained the same.

What’s the Tea?

What’s the Tea? is hosted by BFFs Nic and Reg. What I love about the podcast is that it feels like I’m listening in on a conversation between two old and dear friends catching up with the latest pop culture, news, and tv. You will come for the breakdown of the latest in TV and movies and keep coming back for the Meanwhile on Instagram.

Where’s My 40 Acres Podcast

The WM40A Podcast is for all the hip hop fans and people who just love music, which is not me, but I like the show anyway. One reason is the shows are long, which really helps me get through my work day. The most important reason is they are just a really fun and funny bunch of folks who provide a safe place for professional ratchetness.

Your Turn

So…are you also a fan of any of these amazing podcasts too? What’s your favorite podcast with a black host? What podcasts are you adding to your favorite podcatcher? What podcasts from black voices would you recommend? Let us know in the comments! |RL

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