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Which Friends Character Are You?

We are getting buzzed on BuzzFeed Quizzes on again, y’all!! This time, we are feeling 90’s nostalgia and Friends fandom, and it’s time to find out how much of the six BFFs lies within me by taking BuzzFeed’s Ultimate Friends Quiz. I’ve always seen myself as a Monica because I am wound tightly and like everything tidy and order. Will the quiz confirm that assertion?

It’s the holiday season and you’re spending it with friends. What’s your role?

Making the main course

Making the dessert

Making sure everything’s in order

Making everybody laugh

Doing nothing but eating

What were you like in school?

A nerd

Insanely popular

I was busy getting laid

I was tough and streetwise

I was the class clown

Ross and Rachel come back home and are still arguing about whether Ross cheated on Rachel or whether they were on a break. Who do you side with?

Ross – they were on a break

Rachel – Ross is an asshole

I empathize with both and would try to defuse the situation

What’s your dream job?

Something that lets me express my creativity

Something involving food

An important office job

I’d want to make my geeky hobby into a full-time job

Anything that would make me famous

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After years of living in the city, it’s time to decide where you want to settle down. What’s your choice?

I’d stay and settle in the city

I’d move to the suburbs for a quieter life

I’d move to the countryside to be amongst nature

I’d move to a smaller town

I’d want to move abroad and start afresh

How competitive would you say you are?

Very – I have to win at everything

Averagely competitive – I obviously don’t like losing but you can’t win them all

Not really competitive at all

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What’s the first thing you’d buy if you won the lottery jackpot?

A new house

A whole new wardrobe

A holiday for me and my friends

I’d donate at least some of it to charity

I’d invest it

While at home one evening, you decide to watch a movie. What kind of thing would you want to watch?

A foreign movie, for the culture

A rom-com

An action movie

An animated movie

A comedy

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Which one of the girls would you want to be your best friend?




Which one of the boys would you want to be your best friend?




Your long-term partner breaks up with you. What’s your reaction?

Move on with someone else

I’d be really petty tbh

Laugh in public then cry in private

Make a plan to keep myself busy

Listen to music that matches my mood

On a scale of 1-5, where 5 is super together, how together is your life right now?






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Are you more emotional or logical?

Definitely more emotional

More emotional but logical sometimes

A balance of the two

More logical but sometimes emotional

Definitely more logical

How do you feel about marriage?

I love marriage – I can’t wait for my wedding day

Marriage is for life so shouldn’t be taken lightly

I’m not really fussed about getting married tbh

The Verdict

You Got: 29% Monica, 16% Phoebe, 15% Ross, 14% Rachel 14% Joey, and 12% Chandler!

You’re definitely more like Monica! You love living by the rules and your life is very organized in every aspect. You’re also very competitive and hate losing at any game. Like Monica, you’re a good cook too, and people love coming in your place because you’re a fantastic host. Although you’re mostly like Monica, you can be a little eccentric like Phoebe, and you definitely have enough experience to be a little streetwise like her too. Your passion for things other people might find geeky make you relate a little to Ross too.

Looks like my intuition was right! The Ultimate Friends Quiz has spoken, and I AM a Monica! Of course, my quirkiness has given me a little Phoebe, and Ross helps me keep my nerd cred. I’m totally cool with that!

Your Turn

So… which Friends character do you think you’re most like? Are you ready to take the Ultimate Friends Buzzfeed Quiz? Let us know in the comments! |RL

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    1. Katisha @ Reel Literature

      YAY!! Everyone loves Joey and Phoebe!!! They are so silly and weird, and they know how to help everyone have a good time. Every few years, I watch the entire series, and it’s still hilarious.

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