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America celebrates Labor Day on the first Monday in September, and the day is considered the unofficial end of summer. We get to enjoy picnics, cookouts, and a 3-day weekend. However, we should also take some time to reflect on the reason behind the holiday, which is to recognize the effort and sacrifices made by the labor movement to bring better pay and working conditions, reasonable work hours, paid leave, and healthcare to the American workforce. Take some time to educate yourself on the past, so you can appreciate the present and protect the future for yourself and your fellow working man and woman. Here are 5 books you can read to learn more about working in America:

Nickel and Dimed: On Not Getting By in America – Barbara Ehrenreich

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An investigative journalist investigates the effect of the 1996 welfare reform act on the American working poor. The book has been praised for its insight on the many difficulties low-wage workers face in both work and life. The author has also been derided for playing poor while not actually living the life of someone in poverty due to the many safety nets, like access to a car, an emergency fund, and adequate healthcare that were available to her while she was undercover as a low-income worker.

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