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Image: Dariusz Sankowski

My partner for the August Comment Challenge is none other than one of the challenge hosts, Lonna at FLYLēF! In order to be a good partner, I wanted to participate in Lonna’s bookish meme, FLYTIP, a bi-weekly feature created by to share graphics and advice for blog design and to discuss blog or book related topics. Today’s post is a mixture of design and books because it’s all about Bookstagram!

Flytip Logo

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, “Bookstagram” is basically Instagram for books! Scrolling through beautiful pictures of books brings me inexplicable joy! Here are 5 of favorite #bookstagram photographs:

Pretty Pretty Purple

I chose this picture because the color focus is purple, which is my favorite color. It also includes candles, which I collect as often as I collect books, and Meeko, one of the cutest Disney animal sidekicks!

Purple Bookstagram
Image: Lisa @lisa_lostinlit

Think Pink

Pink Bookstagram
Image: Cait @pagewithaview

A spot of tea with a good book is never a bad thing, right?! It doesn’t hurt when the hues of books and mug are complementary AND the combo looks super girly. This is a beautiful staging that just delights my eye so much!! In fact, this picture is one of the pins on my “Books ‘R Beautiful” Pinterest Board.

Ombré + Chevrons

Ombre Chevron Bookstagram
Image: Epic Reads @epicreads

Raise your hands if you love ombré and chevrons! If you were wondering, I have both hands raised in the air because I love them both that much. When a bibliophile like me finds a picture of books with both elements, of course it’s going to be a fave!

A Book Smorgasbord

Home Library Bookstagram
Image: Bridget @darkfaerietales_

Who wouldn’t want their very own room full of books?! I might kill someone to get one of those…just kidding y’all! I’m not going to prison for anything or anyone. BUT!! When I buy my own abode, it will definitely have a room to house ALL OF THE BOOKS!!!! This photo is definitely inspiration for my home library vision board, which is why it makes my faves list.

Heart of the Matter

Heart Shaped Bookstagram
Image: Fiderly @readsleepfangirl

A photograph of books in the shape of a heart, of course I would LOVE it! I can’t tell what books were included in the picture, but I am inclined to purchase them based solely on their vibrant spines because all I need is book love.

Your Turn

So…what are your favorite bookstagram posts? Are you a bookstagramming super star? Let us know in the comments! |RL

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  1. Ha ha ha…I agree! Scrolling through beautiful book pix brings me inexplicable joy as well. =) These featured IG images are beautiful. I love @darkfaerietales_, too. I love your quotes of inspiration. They always make me smile. Thank you for joining the feature. Hope to see you in two weeks. <3

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