August has been a busier than usual month for us, Reel Lites because we participated in TWO blogging challenges!!! If you’ve been along on this ride with us for a while, then you know August was the final stretch of the Summer 2017 Comment Challenge, but you may have also noticed we published more posts than usual during August. That is all thanks to the Blogust Challenge.

Two challenges in one month? Yeah, we did that, and we lived to tell the tale about it. Ready for the official August Blogging Challenges Debriefing?!

Stay Gold Comments

This month we partnered with Lonna at FLYLēf! Yes…she is one of the challenge hosts, and YES, we were totally honored to be her partner! If you are looking for free books and are all about YA, then FLYLēf should be one of your go-to blogs! Lonna hosts giveaways like the August Book of Choice Giveaway. I entered in the hopes of winning Wonder Woman: Warbringer. FLYLēf is also hosting giveaways in September and October, so go enter to win! One of the standout features on FLYLēf is FLYTIP, the bi-weekly meme that is all about blogging and design tips. We were excited to share our bookstagram love!

Blog + August = Blogust

Joining the Blogust Challenge was definitely by happenstance. Would we be able to post something everyday for 31 days straight?! The short answer is no because we didn’t post everyday. However, we posted more than usual, and that should count for something, right?! Just look at this big beautiful blog! In addition to the August 2017 edition of Lit Gets Reel, the Rad American Women book review, and our favorite bookish bromances, we celebrated National Book Lovers Day and National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, completed the Happiness Tag, and listed some must-read books in honor of Labor Day and Mary Shelley’s birthday. If you’re good with the numbers, then you know that’s three times more posts than usual!!

Your Turn

So…did you complete any blogging challenges during August? Have you visited FLYLēf yet? Are you following us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook? Let us know in the comments! |RL

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