It’s almost time for us to say goodbye to the dumpster fire that was 2017 and say hello to a hopefully better 2018. That starts with my awesomely bookish Christmas because Black Santa was very good to me this year. My gifts included a Harry Potter Desk Calendar, this Women in Science book and postcards set, a new 5-Year Journal, a collection of poems inspired by Jane Eyre, words of wisdom from Jane Austen, and two new books to add to my growing pile of books to be read!

Christmas Book Haul

Now that we’ve prepared for the future, let’s reflect a little on the past. On the blog this year, we celebrated our first year of blogging, found our true Hogwarts House, completed two blogging challenges, finally watched The Gilmore Girls Revival, shared some brilliant words from Marcel Proust, but the following are the most beloved posts we published on the blog this year.

Dinner Party Setting

Guess Who’s Coming to Our Bookish Dinner Party? – If you had a table for 8 that could be filled with any of your favorite literary character, who would you invite? These are the 7 characters we’re inviting to dinner.

FLYTIP: Bookstagram – Who doesn’t love spending hours upon hours looking at beautiful pictures of books? Here are some of our favorite bookish Instagram posts.

Gothic Books in Honor of Mary Shelley – This list of Gothic books from women writers who are literary descendants of Mary Shelley is the first post as a Book Riot contributor.


My Favorite Black Podcasts – Most of my day is filled with podcasts. Since the election of 45, I want to hear from mostly black voices who are being targeted by 45’s administration. Check out the list if you want to diversify your podcast listening.

What’s in a Name: The Boy Who Lived – Like a lot of bibliophiles, I am a HUGE Potterhead, so I enjoyed using the name of the series’ main protagonist to highlight characteristics of said protagonist.

5 Favorite Bromances – This was my first time participating in Top 5 Wednesday, and I loved sharing my favorite male friendships from literature.

Dollar Bills

Operation: Financial Freedom – This was one of my favorite posts of the year because I recently became a personal finance junkie who wants to reach financial independence. Then, I can reach the point where I can be devoted full-time to Reel Literature.

Your Turn

So…What were your favorite posts of 2017? What do you want to see on the blog in 2018? What bookish delights did Black Santa bring you? Let us know in the comments! |RL

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