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If you love infographics and learning more about the famous writers behind the books you love, then you will really enjoy this guest post from Jack Milgram! Today, Jack is giving us the skinny on some of the interesting quirks and habits of 20 famous writers including Agatha Christie who needs apples as part of her inspiration process, Jane Austen who thinks about the lives of her characters even after the story has ended, and Dan Brown who believe embracing the bat life is the way to creative genius.

We personally adore that Edgar Allan Poe named his cat Catterina because it’s simple, punny, and kind of unexpected when you think of the darkness that surrounding Poe in life and in his writing. After enjoying Jack’s awesomely bookish infographic, let us know which writer’s strange quirk made you laugh and which one made you cringe.

20 Famous Writers, 20 Strange Quirks

Weird Side of Famous Writers Infographic


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Jack Milgram has been interested in writing since he first took pen and paper in his hands, and he has never stopped writing. Jack started his freelance career as a student and currently writes at Custom Writing, where he loves combining his job of writing with traveling around the world.

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