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As we all know, April is the most lit month of the year! One of those reasons is the bookish holiday, National Library Week 2018, which celebrates the contributions of libraries and librarians.

60 Years and Counting

In 2019, the American Library Association will celebrate 60 years of National Library Week, which was created to combat Americans spending less money on books and more money on other forms of entertainment. In 1958, the first National Library Week was observed with the theme, Wake Up and Read.

April 10 = NLWD18

Today is National Library Workers Day where we recognize the amazing contributions of our dedicated library support staff. Get in on the celebration by nominating a star at your local library, buying some NLWD swag, or tweeting your librarian love with #nlwd18!

Love for Books on Wheels

Tomorrow is National Bookmobile Day, which is always on the Wednesday of National Library Week. This is the day to celebrate the bookmobiles that serve our communities, so shout out bookmobiles around the globe on social media with #bookmobileday2018, rock the bookmobile lover pin, or give a personal thanks to your local bookmobile staff.

Your Turn

So…are you excited about National Library Week 2018? Have you thanked a librarian lately? Do you return library books on time? Let us know in the comments! |RL

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