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Dollar Bills
Image: Thomas Breher

If you’re a serious bibliophile, then you probably spend a whole lotta coin on books. If you are also someone who is trying to reach financial independence, then you are trying to get all of the books without breaking your budget…which is virtually impossible, right?! Well, in bookish celebration of Financial Literacy Month, we are sharing a few ways to find the money to buy the books on your TBR wish list without totally ruining your finances.


If you love online shopping and haven’t heard of Ebates, then you have definitely been missing out on some free money. Don’t worry, I only recently discovered Ebates, so I have been missing out for years too. Since you stumbled upon this blog, you will no longer miss out on your online shopping bonus. Ebates is a website where you receive cash back from your online purchases. That’s right, by spending money, you are making money! With Ebates, you receive your cash back within a few days after your completed shopping trip.

Bonus: If you use our code to sign up for Ebates, you’ll receive $10 after you first $25 shopping trip (excluding tax and shipping), and we’ll get $5! Sounds like a win-win situation to us!


The name definitely gives it away! MySurvey provides opportunities to get points by taking surveys. Rewards include PayPal money and gift cards from Barnes & Noble and Amazon, and it doesn’t take long to reap those rewards because the surveys are plentiful. Most surveys are around 30 to 50 points, so it won’t take too much time to reach 1080 points, which gets you a $10 Barnes & Noble gift card, or 1100 points, which gets you a $10 Amazon gift card, or 1200 points, which gets you $10 deposited in your PayPal account.


Before using Ebates, I used MyPoints, which provides points for completing surveys and shopping online, which can be redeemed for gift cards to bookish emporiums like Barnes & Noble or Amazon or money in your PayPal account. At the moment, I only complete surveys for points because I got frustrated with waiting for weeks to receive the points from a shopping trip. The upside is the points from surveys bank immediately, and there are opportunities to earn points on a daily basis.

Bonus: Sign up for MyPoints through us and spend $20 before taxes and shipping to receive 1,750 points. That’ll get you a $10 gift card at Amazon or Barnes & Noble!

Springboard America

This is another opportunity to make money from taking surveys. Once you sign up for Springboard America, you get emails whenever surveys are available. Some of the surveys are for money-making opportunities, but sometimes they are for contest entries. The upside is there are plenty of award options for bibliophiles, like gift cards for Barnes & Noble and Amazon. The downside is there is only 1 redemption level (5,000 points), and it takes some time to reach that level. However, if you are patient (which I’ve heard is a virtue), you can easily make a few bucks and buy a few books from your wish list.

Your Turn

So…how do you buy books without breaking the bank? Let us know in the comments! |RL

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  1. Great ideas! I haven’t used any of those. I sell books I’ve already read once (or twice) to a local used book store and use the money for new-ish books while I’m there. I never get very much for them, but it makes me feel like I’m saving a little money and supporting local businesses at the same time.

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