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Hello Reel Lites! Today’s post is inspired by the weekly meme created by Novel Heartbeat called Life of a Blogger. Although the meme is no longer active, the topics are still available. Lucky us! We book lovers obviously have a deep abiding obsession love for books, but many of us also enjoy veggin’ out and bingin’ a good show every once in a while. I am definitely no exception, so I’m sharing the boob tube I know and love and my current go-to views.

Some Top Dawgs

I have no idea how I stumbled across Forensic Files, but it has become staple viewing for me since that glorious day. When I decided to cut the cord, this was definitely one of the shows that had me regretting that decision. However, Hulu finally answered my secret prayers because one day, episodes of Forensic Files showed up as one of my recommendations. If you enjoy the CSI franchise, then you should  add this to your list of shows to learn how forensic science works in the real world.

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When someone asks me what my favorite show is, I usually say it’s Gilmore Girls, which I have recently found out is a major fave within the bookish crowd. I chalk that up to the youngest Gilmore Girl, Rory, and her insatiable love for books. Although that definitely made me feel a connection with that character, I also related to her being a shy, overachiever with a knack for random pop culture references. I also really enjoyed the all-around witty, fast-talking convos had by all. Although it’s one of my favorite shows, I haven’t done a rewatch of the entire series in a few years, and the last time I spent quality time with the Gilmore Girls was while live blogging the revival, so it may be time for a trip down memory lane.

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Another favorite that I recently binged is the show that helped put the USA Network on the map for fun and quirky dramedies. Monk, the show about the defective detective, still makes me laugh, cringe, and cry, even though I know what’s going to happen! There is a reason why Tony Shalhoub was racking up those Emmys. If you’ve never watched Monk, then you are in luck because it’s finally streaming on Amazon Prime! Go watch it NOW!!

Current Darlings

Like Forensic Files, I don’t know why I started watching American Greed, but let me tell you, everyone needs to watch this show if you’re trying to avoid getting got for all your dough. The stories of how scammers are out here parting folks from their money is often sad and is sometimes a little funny because of the absurdity of the situation. Above all else, I LOVE the voice of the narrator, Stacy Keach. He always sounds SOOOO SHADY! I live.

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I absolutely adore Brooklyn 99. I haven’t done any rewatches, but I pretty sure that I have loved every episode. EVERY EPISODE!! This show is smart and funny and just keeps getting better and better. The day Fox cancelled Brooklyn 99 brought me to the brink of tears, and I love NBC even more for bringing it back.

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It took me a while to get on the bandwagon for This Is Us, but I’m so glad that I finally came around. If you liked Parenthood, then you will probably really like This Is Us. Plus, the generational past, present, and even future story takes it to the next level. I know a lot of people avoid the show because it has been labeled a tearjerker, but it really is not that. Sometimes This Is Us has me shedding a thug tear or two, but I just mostly feel touched and moved by the beautiful storytelling.

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I like to have the TV on when I’m writing or researching. Most of the time it is on a show that I don’t need to have my eyeballs on at all times to understand, which often means watching reality TV. I’m currently waiting for the most recent seasons of Real Housewives of Atlanta and Real Housewives of Potomac to become available on Hulu. Until then, I’m watching season 10 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. When I’m not binging trashy reality TV, I’ve started watching the entire series of CSI: Miami for the first time because … the heat is on …

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Your Turn

So…what are your favorite TV shows? What are you currently binging? What are your go-to TV recommendations? Do you find the word “boob tube” funny? Let us know in the comments! |RL

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  1. I have GOT to watch B99, I think every single person I know has recommended it at this point hahh. You have reminded me that I am woefully behind on This Is Us. Honestly, I just started to get exhausted from crying every week! The episodes with Randall’s dad GUTTED me. And then I “took a break” hah, so I definitely need to get back to it. I used to watch Forensic Files religiously too! I should probably get back into those, so morbidly fascinating! Awesome choices!

  2. I’m normally not a huge binge-watcher but being home on maternity with a newborn who naps a lot – and wants to be held and cuddled in the process – has left me with a lot of time to binge shows! I’ve made it through most of the Netflix Marvel shows, started rewatching NCIS from the beginning, and started watching Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime. I have a thing for action shows, and it sounds like Forensic Files needs to be on my list, too!

    1. There are sooo many seasons of NCIS, so I know that binge session is going to last a while! I’ve been seeing commercials for Jack Ryan, and it has one of my favorite people from The Office, Jim Halpert, so that might get me to check it out. Definitely add Forensic Files to your list! It is both informative and terrifying, and totally worth the watch.

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