Kirsten and Ally Part 1 Book Cover

Title: Kirsten and Ally #1
Author: Shelby Lamb
Publisher: Grunge Bookz
Publication Date: 2017
Summary: Kirsten and Ally were meant for each other. They go a mission to kill Kirsten’s ex-lover. There is yet a grizzlier encounter, and this one must confess sadly. For after it’s done there’s no more Kirsten and Ally.

Disclaimer: We received a copy of this book from the publisher.

Meet the Players

Each chapter of the book is a day in the life for one of the four main characters, Matt, Kirsten, Blake, and Ally. I was definitely thrown off when a book called Kirsten and Ally started off from the point of view of a guy named Matt. I was thinking, “Who the heck are you?” However, the writing was clever enough to keep me going, and I found Matt to be one of my favorite characters out of the bunch, but I’m still not certain how he fits into this thrilling murder mystery. I am certainly curious if I will still be as enamored with Matt Chambers after reading part 2 of Kirsten and Ally.

According to the Prologue, he is most likely not the hero in this story. Despite Kirsten and Ally’s tough home lives, I am not “rooting” for them. Kirsten seems like a stone cold bitch, which I never mind because I am one too, but she comes across as trying too hard to be cool. That is always annoying to me. Ally comes across as a clingy poser. Blake’s family situation is also seriously screwed up in a way that makes me feel sorry for him, but he is a creeper, so should I feel bad that he is most likely being catfished?

Warning to the Wise

I feel it is my duty to issue trigger warnings for future readers that this book has moments of domestic violence and eating disorders. As a reader, we only experience these incidents during our initial meetings of Kirsten and Ally, and the incidents are not drawn out. However, they are there, and anyone who is sensitive to such topics should be prepared.

Overall Opinion

This book was less action-packed than I expected, but I guess I shouldn’t have expected too much action in part 1 of a two-part series. However, I did enjoy the book, and it has me looking forward to all the shenanigans that are bound to happen in the next book.

The Final Grade

Page Turner: It took me some time to get used to unconventional format of the book, but I loved the cool factor of it. Kirsten and Ally probably won’t look like other books you’ve read, and that’s a good thing because it makes for a fun and engaging read.

Your Turn

So…are you putting Kirsten and Ally on your TBR List? Let us know in the comments! |RL

P.S. Want more Kirsten and Ally? Check out Part 2 of this tale of dark and twisty love!

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