Crazy Rich Asians Trilogy Book Cover

Title: Crazy Rich Asians Trilogy
Author: Kevin Kwan
Publisher: Anchor
Publication Date: 2018
Summary: Crazy Rich Asians: The relaxing summer in Singapore Rachel Chu envisions with her boyfriend, Nicholas Young, falls apart the minute she steps off the plane. Their vacation quickly turns into an obstacle course of old money, new money, nosey relatives, and social climbers. China Rich Girlfriend: On the eve of her wedding, Rachel Chu is mourning the fact that her birthfather will not be there to walk her down the aisle, but a chance accident reveals his identity and Rachel is drawn into the dizzying world of Shanghai where people aren’t just crazy rich … they are China rich. Rich People Problems: When Su Yi is on her deathbed, Nick Young rushes to her bedside, but he is not alone. The entire Shang-Young clan come from all corners of the globe to stake their claim on the matriarch’s massive fortune and secretly fantasizing about getting the keys to Tyersall Park, located in the heart of Singapore.

Cast of Characters

An aspect of the trilogy that I absolutely adored was all the people I had to keep track of in the story. I will admit that sometimes it was confusing to remember who a character was in relation to our main cast, but that did not keep me from enjoying this delightful story. You definitely need to read the entire trilogy to get the total encapsulation of the characters, especially the secondary ones.

This is most certainly true when it comes to one of my favorite kooky characters, Kitty Pong. She only has a brief introduction in Crazy Rich Asians, but she becomes a staple character in the story during the sequels, especially Rich People Problems. Although we seem to get less of Nick and Rachel in the subsequent stories, I am okay with it because we get more of the supporting cast like lovable Astrid and annoying Eddie.

For Fashion and Foodie Fanatics

As a poor brown girl saddled with student loans, I am only familiar with some of the designers loved by the hood rich and nouveau riche alike. To avoid any controversy, I won’t name any names, but you know what they are. LOL However, reading this book has dropped names that I’ve never even heard of or only recently heard of thanks to The Carters. If you are looking for a list of fashion houses to visit on your dream vacation or the luxury you plan to buy after you win the lottery, then this book is the perfect blueprint for your BMF Plan.

Besides the cast of characters that kept me enjoying this series from beginning to end, it was the constant description of the food that was the focal point of many situations and kept me drooling reading. Seriously, reading the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy makes me want to eat my way through Singapore. As a “Fat American,” I am super jealous that all these crazy rich Asians are able to eat all this good food and still stay in peak physique. It just makes it even more unfair to know that not only are these characters obscenely rich, but they also enjoy the best food, and it never shows. Give me ALL the buns, ALL the dumplings, ALL the fresh seafood, and ALL the tea! I LOVE that the cuisine was like another character in the book.

Overall Opinion

If you have only stopped at Crazy Rich Asians, then it’s time to pick up its siblings and get the entire story. These books are such a fun read and the perfect remedy for any reading slump you might be experiencing. The downside for me was that the story went by too quickly. The trilogy is a romp from beginning to end that both educates the reader about aspects of Asian culture and entertains with the antics of the crazy rich.

The Final Grade

Carpe Librum: I absolutely LOVED reading the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy. The story was fun and captivating from beginning to end, and I didn’t want the ride to end. If you are looking for the perfect, fluffy read, then these books are for you.

Your Turn

So…are you ready to give the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy a read? Let us know in the comments! |RL

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