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Looks like we are celebrating another Top 5 Wednesday here at Reel Literature! Since we are “lucky” enough to have 5 Wednesdays in the month of January, T5W Host, Sam from Thoughts on Tomes, is giving us a freebie where we can choose any topic of interest. Since I missed out on this previous topic, I decided to revisit January’s earlier topic of “Reading Resolutions.” Keep reading if you’re interested in knowing what my reading goals are for 2019!

Read at least 10 books written by women.

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I want to always walk the walk I am talking, especially when it comes to celebrating diversity in literature. For me, it is really important for read stories from marginalized groups. I think it expands my life outlook and makes me a better human. And 2019 will be the year of reading more women. Not only will I seek out women writers, I want to read the words written by women of color because they are truly the most underrepresented in EVERYTHING!

Read no more than 2 books written by a white man.

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This resolution goes along with the aforementioned one because reading more books written by women of color means reading less books written by white men. I have no problem making this resolution. I don’t foresee having any problems keeping this resolution. This may be my favorite resolution:

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ALWAYS carry a book with me when I leave the house.

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This will be easy or hard based on whether I am reading an ebook or a physical book. Right now I am reading a hardback of Becoming, which makes it hard for me to bring it along when I leave the house since my purse barely fits the stuff I need to carry with me. That means I didn’t have anything to read to pass the time while waiting at the dentist office a few weeks ago, when I really, really, really, needed a book to pass the time. Le sigh. It will obviously be so much easier to keep this resolution when I’m reading an ebook because I usually have my phone with me when I leave the house.

Read at least 1 book outside of my usual vibe.

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I definitely don’t have a favorite genre when it comes to reading. If it sounds interesting, then I am ALL in. However, I tend not to really read books that fall into the categories of fantasy and sci-fiction. I think I will give something from those genres a spin in 2019. Don’t worry, Harry Potter won’t count. 😉

Complete my Goodreads Challenge.

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For the past few years, my reading goal has been to read 12 books in the year, which is totally doable for a busy adultish person like myself. This year, I’m actually challenging myself and upping my reading game by adding 3 books to the goal. That means I will have to get through 2 books during a couple of months through the year. I guess I need to work on my speed reading skills.

Your Turn

So…do you have any Reading Resolutions for 2019? Let us know in the comments! |RL

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  1. Love your resolutions! Have you read Octavia E. Butler? She checks a couple of those boxes. I recently discovered her and looove her writing! I just started listening to Becoming on audiobook. Love it already! One of my reading resolutions is to read more books I already own and read backlist titles of my favorite female authors.

    1. I haven’t read any of Octavia Butler’s books, but I hear nothing but amazing things about her stories. That actually sounds like a great way to keep with several of my resolutions!! Thanks for that suggestion, Allison!!

      Reading what you already have sounds like a great resolution, and I am always here for reading more women!

  2. Haha, I never leave without a book (but mostly just my kindle). When I only have to go out for a short while and can’t bring the kindle, I get all weird an anxious xD xD but yeah, if I had to bring actual print books, that would be harder. They come in all weights and sizes.
    I hope you can ace these goals 🙂

  3. Awesome resolutions!! One of my biggest goals for the year is to take down my physical TBR stacks! I have far too many unread books taking up space. I need to read through to see if they are destined to stay or be donated 🙂

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