Today’s bookish guest post comes from Invaluable, the world’s leading online marketplace for fine art, collectibles, and antiques, and brings lovers of books and travel together with the most popular literary settings around the globe. If you think the world of art does not belong amongst the world of books, then you must not be a true bibliophile because books are literal art!

Around the World in Literary Settings

Summer means a new list of books to read, and it is also an opportunity for many to travel. For those who are both avid readers and travel-obsessed, there are a plethora of worldwide destinations that hold significant value for bibliophiles with wanderlust. Invaluable has the perfect starting point to determine your next great bookish adventure with our eye-catching map showcasing some of the most popular global locations in literature. These literary settings are places that set the stage for books to unfold and offer a vivid landscape that defines both the plot and the characters, from the beautiful English countryside in Pride and Prejudice to the bustling streets of New York City where classics like The Great Gatsby and Invisible Man come to life. Use the infographic below that highlights some popular literary settings as inspiration to plan your next book-themed vacation, and let us know which fantastical (or actual) literary settings you want to visit next in the comments.

Invaluable Popular Literary Settings


  1. What an interesting post!! I’ve been a little more aware of where my books are written lately. The spreadsheet that I track my reading in has a section for where the author is from. I’m definitely going to have to work on reading more outside of the US ASAP!!

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