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We have another interesting bookish guest post that is bringing books and sleep together. If you are like us, and you do a lot of reading in bed, then you might be interested in knowing more behind the books that were actually inspired by a good night’s sleep. Many thanks to Sleep Adviser for bringing the must-read dream inspired books to these Reel Lit streets!

Sleep to Dream

If you have ever been unable to put a great book down, you know how easy it is to get lost in a story. The interesting characters, the fascinating plot points, and the enthralling descriptions can keep you turning page after page. Authors work very hard to craft compelling stories their readers will not only enjoy, but love. For many authors, this takes years of hard work and planning. It may even mean hundreds of rejections, thousands of edits and loads of re-writing. However, for a lucky few, the entire story appeared in their dreams

Given all we know about dreams, it makes sense. Nightmares and night time visions are a way for your brain to process the day’s information and emotions, so it can be correctly stored in your memory. This often involves connecting disparate ideas and synthesizing new imagery. Authors who are trying to come up with fresh ideas and unique twists might have their best epiphanies in their dreams. Below are some writers who dreamed fantastic stories and gave the book world some of our favorite reads!

Dream Inspired Books Sleep Advisor Infographic


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