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The Princess Diaries wasn’t our cup of tea, but that didn’t stop us for finding crowning these Princess Diaries Quotes the queen of this quotefest. Thanks you Mia being the story’s unlikely voice of reason and sharing some sage advice, we have the quotes that make us laugh, nod in agreement, and pause to ponder.

What a Boy Wants

She says we have to be very understanding of him right now, because men have needs, and one of them is the need to feel progenitively omnipotent.

Don’t Say “Shut up!”

Maybe nobody has a right to tell anybody to shut up. Maybe this is how wars get started, because someone tells someone else to shut up, and then no one will apologize.

To Tell the Truth?

Why is it that the only time I can tell the truth is when it’s guaranteed to get me into trouble?

Get Sponsored or Suffer

When you can’t get the popular kids on your side, you have to realize it’s hopeless: Without celebrity supporters, no cause stands a chance.

Better to Be Alone

But the thing is, I would rather not have a boyfriend at all than have one who is only using me for my money or the fact that my father is a prince or for any reason, really, except that he likes me for me, and nothing else.

‘Cause I’m Just a Girl

There’s a lot of stuff about being a girl I never realized. Like having your shoes match your gown. I didn’t know that was so important.

People Don’t Dance No More

Slow dancing is strange. It isn’t even dancing, really. It’s more like standing there with your arms around the other person, moving from one foot to the other in time to the music.

Your Turn

So…did you love our selection of Princess Diaries quotes? Do you have any Princess Diaries quotes to share? What’s your opinion on slow dancing? Let us know in the comments! |RL

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