Ravenclaw Wizard

So…you wanna meet the woman behind the curtain?! Hi! I’m Katisha, the wizard behind the blog upon which you have stumbled. Thanks for stopping by and getting to know more about me! I’m a certified nerd who loves traveling, makeup, Beyoncé, baking, podcasts, sunflowers, Pinterest, and books of all shapes and sizes. Do you remember that scene in Beauty in the Beast where Belle finds the library in the castle? That is my animated dream come true, a library so huge that even standing on your tippy toes and stretching your arm beyond capacity can’t help you reach the top shelf. Swoon! Please tell me I’m not alone in this fantasy.

Hagrid Ride

Hey fellow book lover! Have you ever heard that the book you are currently devouring is coming out as a movie soon? And you can hardly contain your excitement because you can’t wait to see that amazing story brought to screen. No?! Me neither! You and I both know it will disappoint because the movie never does justice to the book we’ve grown to absolutely adore. I’m looking at you Memoirs of a Geisha and The Bourne Identity. If you have ever felt the burn from a mediocre terrible book to movie adaptation, then this is definitely the place to be.

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At Reel Literature, our motto is “Love the book. Tolerate the movie.” We review books and their movie adaptations and let you know if the movie holds a candle to its bookish origins. Is the movie adaptation a visual monstrosity? Most likely. Does the film literally bring the pages to life? Probably not. Although book to movie adaptations are the bread and butter of Reel Literature, we will occasionally sprinkle in non-movie book reviews because WE LOVE BOOKS (as said in Oprah’s voice from her “I love bread” Weight Watchers commercial), and we want to promote the work of authors who represent marginalized groups. If you’ve written a book and want our “Reel Lit” take on it, then request a book review!

You’ll also notice we do more than just write reviews. Want to chat with us and other book fans about our favorite quotes and themes from the book or random thoughts about the book-to-movie transition? Stop by the Reel Lit Quotefest! Looking to know what’s grabbing our attention in the Wide World of Books? Check out Literary News! If you want discussions, stories, and commentary from us and invited guest writers, then Features is the place for you! Ready to get started? Let’s Get Reel Lit!