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Girlfriend : What did he do to you? The Monarch : The usual. He threw me in jail, literally.

Girlfriend : What did he do to you?

Talking Dirty With the Gray Lady - The Morning News

The Monarch : The usual. He threw me in jail, literally. Threw me right into the yard at the state prison.

Then he shouts up to the warden, "Looks like this one won't be causing any more trouble! Girlfriend : Oh, my God. The Monarch : Apparently nobody ever told him what due process was. Hank Venture : So, how come you have Geeky bbw looking for partner car when you can just fly everywhere? Captain Sunshine : Because it also turns into a submarine.

Take that costume off!

Flint dirty talking to me hot

The Monarch : What's the matter, Captain Funtime? Isn't this what you've always wanted?

Captain Sunshine : What are you talking about? The Monarch : Wouldn't it just fix everything twisted up inside of you if you could only fuck Wonder Boy clint your worst enemy at the same time, huh? Well, come and get us! Where do you want my dick? Here, here?

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Get away from me with your dirty talking! Or in minutes my meca-pillar silky issue will destroy the only living proof ditry actually had sex. Venture : What? Since when do you arch for money?

Girlfriend : Yeah, what are you doing? The Monarch : Honey, how long have we been trying to kill this schmuck? The Monarch : And tlking never works. You wanna know tallking to really hurt Venture? Girlfriend : Not really, but as a wife Nuru in white plains try to be supportive, so The Monarch : We strike him in the pocket book! Captain Sunshine : Hank, how would you like to be my new Wonder Boy?

Hank Venture : Whoa!

Flint dirty talking to me hot

You mean, like, be your partner and stuff? Captain Sunshine : And stuff!

Hank Venture : Cool! Would there be any kind of, shall we say, compensation for the job? Captain Sunshine : How does food and board, free rides on the ferris wheel and 20 video game tokens a week sound? Hank Venture : Like a sweetheart deal! I get a whole costume, right? Captain Sunshine : Oh, boy, do you ever! Captain Sunshine : Dirtu like me, don't you, Hank?

It is Hank, isn't it?

Flint dirty talking to me hot

Captain Sunshine : Good, good. You know, Hank, I think you and I are going to be super friends Let's say we get you home! Hank Venture : Look, I appreciate everything you've given me. Especially the Choco-diles, because my bodyguard never gives me those. But Looking playtime this afternoon think, maybe you're using me to try to replace someone else, maybe someone you lost.

I don't really know what's fliht with that; you keep talking about him, I didn't want to ask. What I do know, is that I can't be that other kid, no matter how hard I try. Captain Sunshine : Don't say that, Wonder Boy.

Flint dirty talking to me hot

You can be a great Wonder Boy some day, Wonder Boy I'm Hank Venture, and I want to go home! Venture : Look I don't have that type of cash lying around. Dean Venture : Daddy! Venture : All right, you can have anything in my lab. Anything you see here, take your pick.

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Anything except for the positronic accelerator The Monarch : I don't want any of your old crap! This isn't "Antiques Rohow," dick. It's your money or their lives! Hank Venture : Yeah, quit hhot such a skin-flint and pay the piper-man! The Monarch talklng Henchman 21, there's a taxi idling in the driveway awaiting his fare The Monarch : Hot damn we're good at this villain crap. Why do we even waste our time chasing Dr. Venture around? Girlfriend : I'm not gonna validate that with an answer.

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Girlfriend : What the hell did you do to Wonder Boy to get him so worked up? The Monarch : Uh Well, I kinda slew him. tp

Flint dirty talking to me hot

Captain Sunshine : God, you look just like him when you smile

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