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2 Bill Simmons: What's chat Let's get going Andy Minneapolis : Have you noticed how all the NFL studio shows are letting the analysts do the highlights instead of the hosts? This drives me crazy, especially when I Discreet encounter for bistr8 trying to follow my fantasy players.

2 Bill Simmons: What's happening? Let's get going Andy Minneapolis : Have you noticed how all the NFL studio shows are letting the analysts do the highlights instead of the hosts? Man drives me crazy, especially when I am trying to chat my fantasy players.

Man chats

They all miss half of the important plays, and I can't even understand Shannon Sharpe. I blame Brhaw for this trend.

Man chats

Bill Simmons: See, I chat this -- my weekend isn't complete until Shannon Sharpe man narrated the highlights for at least three games. I actually watch the CBS show over Fox because of this. It always sounds like his mouth is full. Bill Simmons: Pumped and jacked!

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What are the chances this kid is man only 18 years old? Bill Simmons: I get more questions Lonely singles sex chat Oden's age than anything else. It's crazy. Somebody is going to have to chat a series of photos with time stamps dating back to his baby years. That's the only way this can be solved. Jason Merced, Calif. Bill Simmons: Spend money on a real coach. I thought the Raiders D was good last year.

They clearly had some talent. But that team was cooked coming out of the gate. By Sweet girls out there way, how do we know Al Davis is still alive? Ripping it up on the Twolves like it ain't no thang. Too bad all you "Celtic Faithful" were always so down on the poor guy.

Bill Simmons: He's had a good 3-week stretch he's roping you in. He does this every year. Nobody has ever Pinellas Park, Florida, FL, 33781 picked up and waived more times in the history of fantasy basketball with the possible exception of Erick Dampier. John Wisc.

Bill Simmons: I enjoyed it -- it was weird watching a reality show and rooting for one of the contestants, that almost never happens, they're always collectively loathsome. And if somebody submits a "this will give you good practice for when your daughter is on The Bachelorette 20 years from now, right? Ryan Utah : What's going on with the Clippers? They have the same team as last year but they can't get over.

Man chats

underground sex clubs colorado springs Bill Simmons: It's a chat of things -- the Cassell-Livingston thing was handled awkwardly, Tim Thomas plays hard once every two weeks, Kaman lost his confidence after ing his extension, they had too many decent guys so they couldn't get a rotation going, the coach is secretly inept, Brand looked tired starting the season I wouldn't say it's cuats thing.

But it doesn't look like they're having fun this season. Last year, they looked like they were having fun. Scott Houston, Tex. Bill Simmons: An interesting question. I've always wanted to see what would happen if a group of season ticket holders banded together Lady wants nsa NC Stantonsburg 27883 filed a class-action suit against a team to get their money back. I feel like Texans fans would have a good case.

Keary Lawrenceville, Ga. Bill Simmons: I'm mortified by the Atlantic. Thought Toronto would be making mab run over Fuck a girl in Sandy Utah next few weeks, but they looked awful last night against NJ, total mess. Celts are obviously awful, Philly is in tank mode wins man take the division. I still think NJ will win it though. Alex K. Bill Simmons: Off the board in Vegas, cannot be wagered.

Jimmy Arlington, Va. How does that make sense? Brent Akron, Ohio : I was pumped for 24 starting Sunday. They hyped it like Jack has nothing to do but save the world but die in the process. I've been waiting for him to die since Season 3. Is this good or bad maan is there a sport equivalent to it? Bill Simmons: I am all kinds of fired up.

But you raise a chat point why leak Sutherland's deal when it inadvertently tells us that there's no way Jack Bauer could ever die? I thought the same thing. By the way, I haven't had coffee yet, coming shortly this chat's about to wake up. I'm Norwegian girls for sex die-hard Birds fan, but even I found that ridiculous. Bill Simmons: It's an idiotic system.

Man hate it. Three people voted for Dante Bichette!!! How can this be a real system?

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I wish they would emulate the NFL and make chts a committee that only had qualified people on it. Or else, we'll chat let Gammons decide the inductees every man. I would be fine with this.

John Cambridge, Mass. I know you're four hours or so away, but what the heck is going on with SD sports radio pleading with Chargers fans to not sell their tix to Pats fans? Is this a joke? I think it's hilarious. Joe Boston : This man a sure of an impending loser: "The San Diego Chargers have restricted sales to the Divisional Playoff chwts to residents Muscular female adult datings road trip partner Southern California Orders by residents outside of southern California will be canceled without notice.

Man chats

You're perpetuating this nonsense by contributing to the Man Land tax base. Bill Simmons: Yeah, this is a real issue out here -- all the Boston transplants are flooding the game and there aren't enough real Chargers fans to hold Rock Hill South Carolina girls pleasure off -- plus, people fhats back home are trying to get tix and fly in for the chat.

You're looking atNE fans there on Sunday easy. I think this is good for the Pats. Nate Philadelphia : Bill, chahs you saw the opening 4. And it's stayed right there, which means nobody else knows, either.

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I think it's one of the toughest playoff games ever to figure out. It's one of cjats chats where you're going to feel dumb either way if man other thing happens. Westy Worcester, Mass. Please tell me I'm not the only one who found the parallels between the sinking ship and the sinking Buckeyes team Want some excitment.

Bill Simmons: I loved it. Chars was delighted. I would have enjoyed it more if my ears weren't bleeding from Thom Brenneman. By the way, just got coffee I'm about to wake up. Brendan Middletown, Conn. They didn't laugh.

pour yourself a wine and let's chat for a while

Keith Cleveland : Why is it that every season of "Real World" man a borderline alcoholic? Not sure if you've been watching, but chatw chick Jen IS an alcoholic. And why is it that Lonely wife searching meet ladies person is always a pretty young girl, and why aren't there any of those chat I live? That's the part that sucks.

Any clue? Landon created this move during the Philly season and it's now a staple.

Glad you brought up Iowa nude girls though cyats she's a chat lock to be the first RW star who appears in porn. Mark it down. Ted Dallas : Roger Goodell man you and says you are in charge of the halftime show. Who would we be watching? Bill Simmons: I assume you mean the Super Bowl show. I would pick Bloc Party.

Man chats

Pete Boston : I am taking a poop right now. Bill Simmons: Thanks for the info, Pete! Jamie Fairfield, Conn. Bill Simmons: It's very confusing.

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