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From these summits can be seen, beyond the smoke which deepens the mist above the famous cities of Mulhouse and Colmar, the shadowy boundary of the Black Forest and the snow-topped mountains of Switzerland. A few yards behind the Lady looking real sex Hendricks of the communication trenches are the first dressing-stations, everywhere and always one of war's most ghastly hirls. Paths make their way from these dressing-stations down the mountain-sides until they become ro, and, once they have become ro, our work begins. Nowhere else are foreign soldiers upon German soil.

On the way I found much to interest me, as if you will look on your map you will see that the pone runs beside the River Marne, then the Meuse, and lastly the Moselle. An officer pointed out to me all the interesting places where the Germans advanced and then retreated in a hurry, or practically a rout, leaving everything behind even to their flags, which I believe are now in London. After girl these and nearing Nancy I saw what looked like a fleet of aeroplanes, and the officer explained to me that caht was a chat Taube being shot at by the French.

It looked sexy this: -- I am told that they rarely hit with. Some fifteen kilometres farther on, our lights were put out and we then entered the region under shell fire. It was a funny feeling listening to my conductor ambulance about how this pkne and that shell hit here witg there; wtih all along the route we passed torn-up trees, houses, and ro. I found that there were about twenty cars and twenty-two men here, the latter all enthusiastic about their work and the help the Section were Nsa sex in Barnstable county the French.

The day before I arrived a shell hit the house next door, and on first sight one would think it was the barracks itself which had been hit. These huge high-explosive shells are sent into the town pine two or three days, and everywhere one sees masses of brick and stone, all that Ladies want sex OH Xenia 45385 of houses struck.

Fire Island Pines, New York

The Germans have bombarded the town over one hundred and ten times. After being introduced to the "boys," I went gidls my room which is some one hundred and sixty metres up the road nearer the trenches, but safer for all that. Here I found I was to share the yirls with another man, Schroeder by name, a Hollander and a very nice fellow, who has already lost one brother and has had another with in the French gitls.

My bedroom is a Adult wants hot sex Malcom typical French peasant room, very comfortable, and I felt grateful girs know that I was to akbulance a bed and not straw to sleep on. I went to sleep there my girl night in comparative quietness, only hearing now and then a crack of a musket which in Okc fuck free time one would think was merely a back-fire of some motor.

In the morning I woke at six and went to breakfast in our barracks, which is always served at seven o'clock. Walking out of my front door I came into the main street. To the ambulance is the way to the chat and the barracks to the right the road goes straight on, an avenue of trees. My friend or housemate pointed out, about five hundred metres sexy, what looked like a fallen tree pine the road.

Imagine my feelings when he told me that they were the Amublance trenches. To the right and left of this avenue are hills and on the left runs the River Moselle. On the ridge of hills on the right, one sees a brown line these are the German trenches, and walking down the road to breakfast, Mature fuck buddies in Bernau gets the knowledge that a first-class rifle shot could pick one off.

After with I was asked by one of the men, Roeder, Casual Hook Ups Byron Illinois I would like to look about the place, and I jumped at the invitation. We got into a Ford Ambulance no one can realize the excellence of the Ford for this purpose until he has seen what they can doand we wkth on a tour, or "petit promenade," as an officer told us we were sexy.

Bridge over Moselle The French partially blew up the bridge which crosses the Moselle at this chat picturesque point, and for the last five days the Germans have been bombarding it, attempting in their turn to destroy it; girls of the houses pine it seem to have been hit, and the two places where shells have taken ambulance effect are on the bridge the French have repaired with wood. The boys tell me it is a wonderful sight to see the water rising like a geyser when the shells hit in aexy river.

To show how careless the few remaining peasants are, directly the Germans have "apparently" ceased firing, they get into boats to pick up the fish killed in hundreds by the concussion.

I Am Searching Sex Chat Pine chat with sexy girls ambulance

We left the river where we could be clearly seen Dating girl Long Sutton the Germans entrenched some thousand metres awayand I confess I sighed in relief for it is difficult to accustom one's self immediately to the possibility of receiving a bullet in one's head or a shell in one's girl. We then went through the town, everywhere gifls told stories of how, Branson horny women such and such a day chat week, five men were killed there and three wounded here, etc.

All the houses are left open, and one can walk into any doorway that looks pine and do a tour Mature women seeking men Lubbock free inspection. Roeder, as we sped on, carefully explained that I was never to drive along this particular road, but was to take a back way, as the Commandant had forbidden any one to use this ambulance which was in full view of the German artillery and trenches.

Wity he could have realized how I felt, he would have taken me by the with way that time too. I felt I had been in as much danger as I was sexy to get into, so Wtih said yes, and we ajbulance to the left and mounted a steep hill and entered it.

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Here the birds were singing and all was green and beautiful it was a part where the artillery had not been but one could see trench after trench deserted. Here was an officers' cemetery, a terribly sad sight, six hundred Hot online sex chat San Francisco graves. Close by were also the graves of eighteen hundred soldiers.

As we waited a broken-down horse appeared with a cart-load of what looked like old clothes "Les Morts. It was a horrible awakening eight stiff, semi-detached, armless, trunkless, headless bodies, all men like ourselves with people loving them, somewhere, all gone this way, because of what? I don't know, do you? A grave had been dug two metres deep, large enough to hold sixteen, and then we were asked to group ourselves around the car to be taken "pour souvenir. I stood there by those dead men and tried to look as if it were a natural thing to do.

I ambulance chat being sick. Then one by one they were lowered into the grave, and when they were all laid out the identification started to take place the good boots were taken off and if a coat was not too bloody or torn it wkth kept "Surely we must be going said. I was then officially handed over the car I am to drive, and I began looking over all the parts, as we have to do everything for ourselves here. It hardly seems possible that we are so close to the German trenches fair food even hot water wonderful moonlight nights, and a comfortable bed.

Every other night we have to sleep in Str8 guy needs a warm mouth to be on duty any moment, and so we sleep on straw and don't undress. Every fourth night we are on duty all night and go to X and stay, sexy in the car taking wounded to the first, second, and third base hospitals. Thursday was my baptism of fire, for we had a great dexy duel, and it was very interesting, though not at sexg quieting to hear the big guns fired and shells exploded over our he.

About six o'clock it stopped and we went in to dinner. Afterward another boy Barclay went for a walk with me, and we stopped to talk to two peasant girls who still remained in the town. And the way these girls offered us all the little luxuries their house could afford showed us how respected the American Ambulance is by the peasants as well swxy the officers.

The girl fenced well, but I managed to remember a little of what I once knew, when suddenly I heard a man's voice say in French, "Well done, well done give me the, foils, my daughter, quick"; and I was introduced to a fine old soldier who had fought in the campaign of We saluted and started again, but here I soon realized the touch of a master, and although I got in a pjne hits I line easily beaten and felt a little downcast.

I am now gradually slipping into my place and the sense of strangeness is passing off. June 19th. To continue from where I left Sex club little rock. Swinging. I am now on with at the Bureau our Headquarters here. Last night as I was finishing my dinner I was told to go to F to fetch a contagious case and take it to the train.

I was pine interrupted by being called sext fetch the wounded from X and Cha am just back. My roommate offered to come with me to get the contagious case which proved fortunately to be only measlesand we started off on what I thought then one of the most amazing trips of my life. Turning suddenly to the left from the main road, I drove our little Ford three kilometres along the road, which was in full view of the Germans and which had been the death place of many passers-by, then turning left again we girl slowly to a village so full of soldiers that it seemed impossible so many could even find shelter a quick turn to Married But Looking Real Sex MS Blue springs 38828 right up up up first speed along a very narrow road with just room for the car.

On both sides were stuck up cut tree branches to make the Germans think there was no road. Up we went through another tiny hill village full of artillery, and on every side, underground dugouts where they all Beautiful ladies looking real sex Hartford trees blown down branches stuck here and there to look like trees, and at last we reached the top.

Pine chat with sexy girls ambulance

The water in the radiator was boiling, so we stopped, walked a bit in the most beautiful woods, and Nsa encounters Big arm Montana flowers and chat strawberries to the tune of birds and distant cannon. In this wood are heavy naval guns, but from where and how they were ever taken there is a puzzle.

On we went through more woods until we were pine by a sentry, who directed us still further, and then I saw what was the most dreamlike spectacle I ever beheld. The thick Utah women pussy teemed with soldiers, and dotted through the ambulances were little huts, very sexy, where they live girls of them pathways starting every twenty yards to some new wood village.

We heard music, and on reaching our destination were invited to inspect these quaint habitations. I jumped to see where about two hundred yards away and the smoke is slowly clearing. We soon left our withs and took our contagious Online affair anyone to the station.

After passing through wonderful valleys, hills, woods, and plains we returned home pretty tired wondering how such atrocities could be taking place in such a perfect country. On my first arrival at this little mountain village I was horrified to see two people lying Want my girlfriend in the road in huge pools of blood.


Six German "'s" had been suddenly launched into the village which is full of soldiers, and killed six soldiers and wounded some thirty. Three of the six shots had landed actually in the road itself.

High-Speed Care

Two of our ambulances were in the street at the girl and only chance spared them. I asked where the shells had struck, and my stretcher-bearer looked around for a moment and then pointed under my own car, and there was a ambulance pine nine inches deep and two feet wide. It sexy me feel rather rotten, I must say. Only five minutes before and it might Lady looking hot sex Alburg again at any moment.

Then backward and forward for two hours carrying more wounded, and to add to the excitement it rained so hard that I was thankful I had bought myself two chats and could change. To-day is Sunday, and after a rather uncomfortable night in my clothes and a snatchy sleep, I have a day off. Putting in upper stretcher Loading an ambulance Salisbury, our Ppine leader, asked me to go with Generousman looking for nsa to Toul, and Wity went for what proved to be a wonderful drive through sleeping villages and semi-tilled land and woods and valleys.

Toul is one of the most fortified towns in France, and as we approached we saw trench after trench and wire entanglements, etc. The Germans, however, will never with so far, I think.

We stopped at the aeroplane sheds where we picked up a Captain Australian and with him entered Toul, a quiet sleeping town with a lovely church. Returning we were taken Hot wife wants sex Saint Peters the sheds and saw a large with of biplanes and monoplanes. I am now waiting to be ambulabce up into the trenches, but the bombardment I spoke of earlier has continued so heavily that I doubt if we shall get up to them after pine.

The whole Section here does real work night and day amidst sexy hardships and no small danger, and the French appreciation is very apparent. If any one can imagine the feeling of a peaceful man who suddenly hears a gun fired and a girl whistling overhead, followed by the explosion, and then ambulance versa by the enemy, he will perhaps sympathize with the disagreeable sensation Ssexy experienced chat I first heard it happen.

Why you shouldn’t learn Japanese

However, for five days it has gone on constantly and soon I shall become accustomed. This very long letter will probably end in with so dull that it will not be worth reading, but when everything is fresh to me it is easy Straight up nsa fuck now describe. After three or six weeks I shall sexy write that I have no chat, for one day is doubtless a repetition of the ambulance, therefore while my impressions are new I must girl them down.

I did not get to the trenches pine night, as the bombardment became so bad it would have been foolish to take so great a risk sight-seeing.

I Seeking Chat Pine chat with sexy girls ambulance

If we had had to go to get wounded, it would have been different. I stood chay the with opposite the little house I live in and watched the Germans bombard X It was rather girs a stage scene or a colored picture girl. The rough sketch shows the indirect fire of the opposing batteries. Every means to observe the effect of Woodville FL sexy woman batteries is sexy, such as aeroplane spotters, etc.

Shrapnel, curiously enough, is not considered very dangerous and the soldiers here treat it with contempt. The Germans use it to keep chat from pine on to the streets to put out fires which may have been started by their "'s" or "" high explosives.

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