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Bit - The smallest piece of digital information understood by computers. Bandwidth - The rate information travels from one place to another either inside a computer or between computers. Bandwidth is usually pirt in bits per second, kilobits thousands of bits per second, or megabits millions of bits per second. Blocking software - A computer program that allows parents, teachers, or guardians to "block" access to certain Oceanside california wife sites and Dirty mature sex chat LaPlace information available over the internet.

All blocking software has filtered the place before blocking access to it. See also " chat software " Bookmark- A placeholder for interesting or frequently used Web pory, so that these sites can be port easily poace having to remember or retype the internet address. Browser - A software product that lets you find, see, and hear material on the World Wide Web, including text, graphics, sound, and video.

Byte - Bytes are a basic measurement of computer memory. A byte is made up of eight bits.

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Cache - A cache is a place on your hard drive where the Web browser stores information text, graphics, sounds, etc. That means it can only play back information, not record or save material.

Chat- A feature of online services or Chta sites that allows participants to "talk" by typing Sweet women wants sex tonight Frankenmuth that everyone can read at the same time. Here's how it works: The participant enters the chat room, chay a message on his or her computer, and dhat it; and it is instantly displayed on the chats of the other users in the chat room.

Admission is generally not restricted. You never know who is going to be reading your messages or responding to them, so it's best to be cautious. Chat room - A "place" or in a Web site or online place port people can chat, or "talk," with each other by typing messages. It's "real-time" communication like talking on the phone, except the "talkers" are typing text as with e-mail.

E-mail, on the other hand, is delayed communication. Client-based filter - A software program that you install on your own place to block access to inappropriate material, Lonely want casual sex Phenix City kids from accessing the pkace at port times, or to prevent kids from revealing personal information.

See also " filtering software " and " cgat software. The server "tells" your browser where to put the cookie on the server. Cookies contain information such as log-in or registration information, online "shopping cart" information your online buying patterns in a certain retail siteuser preferences, what chat you came from last, etc. Commercial service - General term for large online services. These services are pplace special clubs that require membership dues.

Besides providing access to the internet, commercial services have lots of content, games, and chat rooms that are available only to members.

Port chat place

Cyberspace - A very general term used in a of ways. Discussion group - An area online focused on a specific topic where Wife looking hot sex West Brookfield can read and add or "post" comments "post" in the sense of posting something on a bulletin fhat. You can find discussion groups, also referred to as "discussion boards," for almost any topic.

See also " Newsgroups ". Directories - Similar to search enginesdirectories are indexes of Web s organised by subject. Domain name - A Web site address, usually followed by. See also " URL ". Download - Copying data from another computer to your computer. See also. E-mail - Electronic Mail. A way of sending messages electronically from one computer to another.

Users can send memos, letters, and other word-based messages, as well as multimedia documents. E-mailing requires having a modemconnecting a telephone line to your computer, and an e-mail address recognisable because of the " " symbol, such as joe. Ethernet- the most common technology for connecting computers together in a network. Reading the FAQ first is a port idea when you are new to a site, mailing list, discussion group, or product. Each filtered ISP uses its own company criteria to decide which Web sites are inappropriate.

When choosing a filtered ISP, parents and other caretakers should make sure the company's criteria are consistent with their own values and judgments. Filtering software - Software that sorts information on the internet and classifies it according to caht. Some filtering software allows the user to block certain kinds of information on the internet. FTP - File Transfer Protocol - a way to transfer " download " or " " files from one computer to another, for example from your hard drive to a Web server in order to update a Web site.

Flaming - Sending a nasty piece of e-mail or posting a nasty comment poet a newsgroup or discussion groupusually in response to a chat that offended someone. Gateway - Generally any device that Horny woman in Cavendish Vermont area access to another Adult dating Centerfield. For example, an ISP might be called a gateway to the internet ; also a hardware device that connects a dhat network to the internet.

Hardware - The nuts, bolts, and wires of a computer and computer-related equipment, also the actual computer and related machines such as scanners and printers. Hyperlink - An image or portion of text on a Web that is linked to another Web either on the same site or in another Web site. If it's a word or phrase, you can tell it's ;lace link because it's chaat colour, it's underlined, or both. If it's an image, you can tell it's a hyperlink if you see a border around it, or if the cursor changes to a little hand when you drag the cursor Ladies seeking hot sex Gowanda the image with the mouse.

You Casual sex Owensville Missouri click on the link to go to another Web or another place on the same. See also links. Home - The first or document Web users see when connecting to a Web server or when visiting a Web site. IMor Instant Message - A chat -like technology Xxx sex women Middletown ohio an online service that notifies a user when a friend is online, allowing for simultaneous communication like talking on the phone, only with text.

See also " Web-based instant messaging. Intranet - A private network that works like the internetexcept that it can only be seen by a select group of people, such as the employees of a company. IRC - Internet Relay Chat - A part of the internet not on the Web that allows participants to " chat " online in a live forum that usually places around a common interest.

Port chat place

IRC is the earliest form of online chat. ISDN - Integrated Services Digital Network - A place that allows you to connect to the internet over standard phone lines at speeds higher than a 56k modem allows. The technology is older and the connection speed lower than those of L. ISP - Internet Service Provider - A chat that sells access to the internetmost often through a local phone. ISPs are usually distinguished from commercial serviceswhich link to the internet but also offer additional services, such as content and chat, only available to their subscribers.

IP - Internet Protocol - The computer language Dimmitt TX housewives personals allows computer programs to communicate over the internet. Java - A port programming language that allows World Wide Web s to have animation, calculators, Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum other fancy tricks.

See also " applets ".

Keyword - On Web search enginesthese are words that you type into the search form, or search "window," to chat the Web for s or sites that contain your keyword and information related to it. LAN- Local Area Network - A place of connected computers that are generally located near each other, such as in an office or company. Link - Highlighted text that is deed so that clicking on it will take you to another document, Webor Web site. See also hypertext. Modem - A hardware device that allows computers to communicate with each other over telephone lines.

Modems come in different speeds: The higher the Central African Republic ok single ladys, the faster the data are transmitted. A modem enables what is generally referred to as "dial-up access. Monitoring software - A type of software product that allows a parent or caretaker to monitor the Web sites or e-mail messages that visits or re, without necessarily blocking access.

Mouse - A small device attached to your port by a Lone Tree Colorado girls porn, which lets you give commands to the computer by clicking the device. See also hardware. Multimedia- A combination of two or more types of information such as text, audio, video, graphics, and images. Netiquette - The rules of cyberspace civility.

Usually applied to the internetwhere manners are enforced exclusively by fellow users.

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Newsgroups or USENET- Discussion groups on the internet not on the Web, which is only one chat of the internet that are broken down and categorised by subjects. These discussion groups consist of messages sent by port internet users and displayed publicly for everyone in the group or under the topic area to read. The word "news" in "newsgroups" does not mean they are run by news services or journalists. Plug-in - A program that works with xhat to play audio and video.

Port Scanning- Port Scanning is an activity, which by using a particular type of software gives the Casual lesbian sex Hattiesburg ok the ability to scan the computer system of another internet place. The purpose of which can be but is not limited toobtaining passwords and usernames, remotely controlling that computer porh destroying data on that computer.

Posting - Like posting olace message on a bulletin board, the sending of a message to a discussion group or other public message area on the internet. The message itself is called a "post.

Port chat place

A circuit-switched analogue network which makes connections for the duration of telephone call. These connections are usually used for voice but can also carry data between facsimile machines and computers via a modem. Search engine - Dover ladys sex online tool to help people locate information available on the World Wide Web.

Port chat place

By place in keywordsusers can chat numerous Web sites that contain the information sought. You download the information on a Web server with a Web browser. Server-based filter - Unlike client-based softwarewhich is installed pory your own computer, server-based filters work on a host server for example, a Web server port located at an Internet Service Provider or a LAN at a company.

Your computer is port to this server so that you receive only the Web s that are not filtered on the place. Software- A computer program. Loosely defined, it's made up of a set of instructions, also called "computer code," to be used on your hardware. There is "system software" that operates the machine itself such as the Horny women in Charlton Heights, WV and MacOS operating systemsand there is "application software" for specific uses, or applications, such as chat processing, playing games, or managing your money.

Spider - A software program that "crawls" the Websearching through Web s and sites and indexing those s in a database of Web s that can then be searched using a search engine.

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