At Reel Literature, our focus is reviewing books that have been adapted into movies. Reviews for book-to-movie adaptations are published simultaneously, so these will not be published until the reviewer has both read the book and watched the movie. Occasionally, we also review books outside our main scope to support diversity in literature and promote authors from marginalized groups (e.g. LGBTQ, women, people of color, disabled persons, non-Christian). If you would like Reel Literature to review your book, then please submit a review request. If your book does not meet our review requirements, and you would like to partner with us, please consider our additional opportunities listed below.

Unless stated, reviewed books and movies are borrowed from the library, purchased by the reviewer, or are from the reviewer’s personal collection. Books and movies provided to the reviewer will become part of the reviewer’s personal collection or included in a future raffle, unless specified by the provider.

Book reviews include a link to the author’s website (if available), summary, publication information, and rating. Movie reviews include the synopsis, distribution information, and rating. All reviews are published on this blog and shared on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Bloglovin’. We do not guarantee a positive review, but our reviews will always be honest and fair using the following rating systems:

Book Reviews

  • Burn It – I cannot recommend this book to my worst enemy. Read it at your own risk!
  • Laborious Literature – I was either devouring the book or struggling to get to the next chapter. It left me quite lukewarm!
  • Page Turner – This book kept me engaged from start to finish. Definitely a good read!
  • Carpe Librum – I freaking LOVE this book. Put it on your bookshelf immediately!
  • Movie Reviews

  • Burnt Popcorn – This movie adaptation is an abomination. Never watch it if you love the book!
  • Kettle Korn – A little sweet, a little salty. The movie adaptation is good, but it also has some noticeable flaws!
  • Theater Popcorn with Extra Butter – It’s like watching the book unfold before my eyes. The Reel Lit Holy Grail!
  • Additional Opportunities

  • Blog AdsAdvertise on the Reel Literature website to increase your brand reach ($120+)
  • Author Interviews – Be highlighted in Features and connect with our audience.
  • Book Release Blast – Be part of our New Lit publication in Literary News.
  • Giveaways – Let Reel Literature host your book giveaway and help find your future fans. ($100+)
  • Guaranteed Review – Receive automatic book review acceptance and choose up to 3 online platforms (e.g. Goodreads, Amazon, Facebook) for publication. ($50+)
  • To submit a review request or to take advantage of our additional opportunities, please contact us.